This is why I like rains.


Apart from the sound of the rain drops, everything around me is very silent and calm. It’s evening, 6.55 pm. The sky appears to be faded because of the clouds but it’s sparkling brightly. The view around me is making my heart ponder. Ahhhh. The wandering clouds are trying to go back home. A sudden tinkle flows in my bloodstream and I start breathing. There are huge mystical mountains on a small distance and they are flaunting tiara of starlight. I’m sitting on my study-table, enjoying this view from my window. Everything is less visible because of the fog which is covering up my eyes.

This is the real solitude? If it is then trust me it’s an amazing feeling! But am I alone or lonely now? Are we alone? Ummm, just ask yourself. My dear I’m speaking with you and we are connected!

Now you’ll ask me, how is everything around here. Well, I’m in love. Yes. Love with nature. Hahaha what did you think? Honestly I was very scared when I first came to this place as the atmosphere around is very calm and quite. Initially I was very nervous. Foxes used to howl in the night and it would give me goosebumps all over. But then this place helped me to listen to my inner voice which is getting louder and  louder every moment.

And now when I cross the Arabian Sea, I enter paradise. Yes, you need to cross the sea to reach me. In the womb of nature. Falling in love again and again especially in the rains. There is serene greenery everywhere. Maybe Krishna played here and touched everything with his own hands.


But I guess that you don’t want these bright photos of this place. You want to come here and feel it all by yourself. Experience it! I’ll definitely bring out the the poet or artist within you or a beautiful songwriter, maybe, who knows? I know I know. Just as you see buildings outside your window, I see mountains who are kissing that little piece of ocean. When the rays of the sun fall on the deep blue ocean it turns into pure gold. Sometimes bright white Flamingos settle on it’s brim. They run around splashing the water around and making.

There a big mug of cappuccino besides me and it’s turning cold. So bye for now , see you soon! xoxo



 Find yourself.


(I found this small excerpt in my dairy. Dated 01 July 2012)
She wanted to be different than others and wanted to take the path less traveled by. She wanted to be a guiding light for others. She also wanted to write books or BE in a bestseller one day. She wanted to teach Yoga in Bali and the list goes on and on…

She had the moon in her eyes which never wane, it was as bright as the sun. Her heart was filled with dreams. Dreams of love, passion, desire, fame, magic and sin. Sometimes she even played the role of Belle from ‘Beauty and The Beast’, in her dreams!

She wanted to travel the whole world and make her life full of adventure and thrills, meet new people and make new friends. She was an adventure junkie who walked and fell, walked and fell several times and then discovered herself laughing on her scars till her eyes filled with water. Now she loves her scars for it’s a proof that she lived. She didn’t die before her death.’ This thought made her smile.

One day she found that whatever she was looking for was already present in her soul.

She is a free soal; happy and confused, lonely and happy, miserable and rich. But you know what her pains and sorrows made her a poet and a songwriter. An amazing one indeed. Her postcard says, “Accept what life offers to you. Life is beautiful when you turn your trouble into triumphs.”

She is an introvert who writes poems and songs while sitting alone in forts and palaces. Whenever she is short of words she turns to strings and keys as it is the only way to express herself. But, but she is still Unknown. She has big roles to play but she is living in a small town. Her talent barely win any recognition. She cries and cries in her blanket tears hot and cold.

She hears voices. Voices guiding her and sometimes helping her to guide others. She has fountain of ideas and stories inside her and that made her write articles with Krishna’s feather. She writes in her diary every night because she wants to live Forever and was glad to know that she will leave a mark on the planet.

She just wants to Create. Create music, art and magic. She finds ideas when she has baths in hot water in golden lights. Her heart blossoms like red roses and now she smiles everyday. Whenever she smiles she is in wonderland.

Do you know who is she?

Misconceptions about Yoga

Even today Yogic knowledge is considered a mystical discipline. When people read and hear about the Yogi’s miracles and supernatural powers, they feel amazed. Even though they have respect for Yoga, they feel that yoga is not meant for ordinary people, and therefore they themselves keep away from it.

As the ancient Hathayogic text insist that Yogic knowledge be kept a well guarded secret (Hatha Vidya Parama Gaupya), the Yogis kept it secret for long. This promoted misconceptions about Hatha Yoga. Since the knowledge of Hatha Yoga has been kept secret, the erroneous notion has prevailed that Hatha Yoga is something which is done by forging oneself.

The original word ‘Hatha’ was misconstrued as ‘Hatta’ in Marathi and ‘Hatha’ in Hindi meaning obstinacy. Some think that Hatha Yoga involves painful fasts or the austerities.

Others think that it is an impossible means of God-realisation or self-realisation. Many believe that for gaining success in Yoga, one has necessarily to live in forests, shun society, have an awe-inspiring face with unkempt hair, wear a special costume, etc. However, all these are misgivings and do not have much of a scientific basis. Because of the present extensive propagation of Yoga as also the scientific attitude of looking towards it, the mystification and misconceptions about Yoga are waning.

Source : Yoga for health and peace by Sadashiv Nimbalkar.

Meditation? No it’s not like that!

Dhyana – The seventh limb of yoga.

Awakening your inner self is meditation. Always being in the state of thoughtlessness is, meditation. The Japanese word Zen and Chin describes this state. We refer this state as meditation but the word awareness is more close.

Meditation is a certain quality. It is not a certain act.

The moment we hear the word meditation all kinds of misconceptions pop up in our brain. Firstly the English word meditation doesn’t mean anything in true sense. Just by sitting with our eyes closed is not meditation. You can sit with your eyes closed and can do so many things, can’t you? There are many dimensions to it. You can imagine statue or idol of any deity, can do japa with mala or even tapas. Most often we are asked to close our eyes and worship the Lord but even that is not meditation it is just the act of recalling memories, isn’t it?

Then what is meditation? It means freedom from all the inner acts or thoughts and just observing the reality as it is without any filtration.

Sadhguru says, “The reason why most people who have tried meditation have concluded that it’s very difficult is because they are trying to do it. You cannot do meditation but you can become meditative.”

There are many thoughts, conflicts and battles going on in our mind at presence. The mind is always trapped in the memories of the past and worries about the future creating stinky chaos in the inner world. Even if we don’t desire it keeps on fluctuating. We are making ourselves weaker by constantly entering the zone of imaginary problems and fake illusions. Passively, just observe your thoughts.

Meditation means clearing these unnecessary thoughts and entering into the zone of complete silence and peace. The deeper we enter, no emotions, memories or thoughts can affect our mind in any way. We establish a strong control over it. Constant chattering inside and daydreaming is against meditation.

You can consciously make your mind a miraculous slave. If you understand this simplest trick to be fully aware in the present, you become meditative. You can observe things which others can’t. This isn’t rocket science it’s super easy, don’t you think so? Then why don’t you do it?

Images: Buddha Doodles by Molly Hahn

Yoga does have a dark side.

You know, we yoga fantastics tout the benefits of yoga like it is going out of style. For most of us, it is because yoga has so profoundly changed our lives that we want to shout about it from the rooftops.

Some of us actually do shout!

But the truth is, yoga does have a dark side. There are some legitimate reasons why someone may want to consider avoiding starting or maintaining a practice. In order to save you from any pain or suffering, here is a reason you should skip the practice.

1) It will ruin chilli cheese fries.

2) It will put down your late nights.

3) Love Drama? Skip Yoga.

4) It will make you have to take responsibility.

5) It will suck the fun out of judging people.

6) It will ruin your wardrobe.

7) It will make you cry in public.

8) It will make you feel your feelings.

9) It will open your hips, shoulders and of course your heart and mind.

10) It will ruin your relationship with anything that is Self Destructive.


I hope you got it :p

Photo Credits: Yoga Oxford

Enthralling Beauty – Poem

Just being a raindrop in the vast ocean and ocean in a raindrop.


The mellow mildness of the leaves,

The sounds of the winds,

The freshness of the grass.

The coolness of the peaks,

The forests full of mystique,

The magic of ocean.

All make me sing,

They make me breathe.

And strike at the root of my heart’s penury,

And strike at the root of my heart’s penury.


The alluring stars,

The madness of the breeze,

The love birds on the trees.

The brightness of the sun,

The chirping of the birds,

The morning fog on the beach.

All make me sing,

They make me breathe.

And strike at the root of my heart’s penury,

And strike at the root of my heart’s penury.


The presence of the dawn,

The aroma of coffee,

The beating of my heart.

All of them awakens me,

They all make me sing,

They all make me breath,

They all give me wings.
And bring out your enthralling beauty.


Copyrights: Aarya Life.

Rain and Divine Love

You would always be a storm and I would always be a girl who danced in rain.

Rainy days were never as beautiful as they are now. I would go on a long reading vacation for those 3-4 months. The mess that the rains created on the roads, the muddy water and the humidity, ewww. I used to lock myself up in my bedroom, lie on my bed, have coffee and read books. Books were my only companions. But then you entered my life and showed me this beautiful side of monsoon!


Earlier it used to be books and coffee and now it is You and coffee.

Date: 2nd July, 2017.

My Dear,

Somehow I manage to get up at at 4.30 am. It is raining heavily outside but still I wake up just because I promised you last that we’ll meet. It is raining cats and dogs. Dad nags me and orders to sit at home but I don’t listen to him, like always :p

After battling with unpleasant situations, the wet trains, the puddles, the super clean streets, etc. I finally reached college. It’s 7.15 am. I sit on the 1st bench just in front of the door. Half awaken. The glittery green leaves are rustling and a perfect atmosphere is trying out my patience. Just come here fast and complete this beautiful masterpiece!

You swiftly enter the class and my happiness cross all the bounds. You hold my hand and take me to the late bench and say softly, “first benchers make scholars while the last benchers make memories.” I follow you without uttering a word. We sit on the late bench. “DAMN, please don’t wear that black shirt,” say’s the mini me. “My heart always skips a beat when I see you wearing that one. You make me shy and then you ask why do I always stay quite when I’m with you. Aagh, why don’t you understand?” The sound of the pouring rain and that glittery green around us will definitely give anyone a very romantic high.

We then listen to our favorite rain songs. The feeling that the songs bring along is wordless. Your soft cuddles energise me and takes away all the negative thoughts. But then I get fear attacks. Fear of losing you. Fear of attachment. What if I drown in the ocean of attachment and you take away your boat? But then I feel why ruin this charming moment with such negative illusions?

“No, no, no. I want to leave. You’ll lay a trap, please. Get away from here, just leave,” says the mini me and I get up. Fear starts consuming me.

Then suddenly it starts raining more heavily and I say,”I want to go home early.” you reply, “maybe I can’t stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain. We’ll go together.”

“What? Together? I’m trying to resist you but the more I do that the more close you come. I’m trying to resist your presence. Delete you even from my mind. I’m super scared. Scared of falling in love with you.” says mini me. This small piece of mass above always keeps on chattering. Will you please shut up and sleep for some time?

“Amm, okay. You can drop me till the railway platform,” I reply without making any eye contact.”

“I’ll not leave you so easily”

“How did you come to know what i’m thinking?”

” Lets have coffee first. I know a good cafe nearby. It’s on the way.”

We both start laughing and again I get mesmerized by your smile.

We share an umbrella and it is so cozy to walk with you under it. We gorge on street food. I happily share it with you which otherwise I hate doing. You start staring at me and i couldn’t resist myself further. I stare back at you knowing with certainty that I was falling in love.

“Why do you always put up with me?” my tears are just on their way, I get lumps in my troth. Somehow I try to control.

“Because you’re my fire and I’ve been cold my whole life.”

“What fire are you talking about”

“I love you”

“What? Why? How?”

“Yes, I LOVE YOU. Your divine love always supersedes. The closer I get, there is more charm and depth. Your Divine Love has comfort, enthusiasm and familiarity. There is never boredom and it keeps everyone on their toes. There is music in your science and I treasure your silence as much as I treasure my music.

Worldly love can be like an ocean, yet an ocean has a bottom. The Divine Love is like the sky which is limitless, infinite. And I see that Divine Love in you. Will you please share it with me?”

A soft voice from behind breaks my sleep, “wake up Prarthana, how long will you sleep?”


Images courtesy: Google.
Copyrights: Aaryalife.

Energy Flows where Attention Goes (2 mins read)

Energy Flows where Attention Goes.Everything in our Universe is Energy.

We human beings are also Energy. So it is very important to learn how Energy flows from from us & how it effects our lives.
When you say, “ I don’t want War.” You are giving your attention to War and where you give your attention, your Energy will flow there. Law of Attraction will match your Energy with that and bring it in your Three Dimension reality.
So instead of saying, “ I don’t want War.” you should say “I want Peace.” Then your attention is on Peace, so you are giving your Energy to Peace and Law of Attraction will match your Energy with Peace and your life will be Peaceful. This Universe works on Vibrations.
So similarly change your statements –

– Instead of saying “ I don’t want to fail.” say “I want to Win”

– Instead of saying “I don’t want to be fat.” say “I want to be slim”

– Instead of saying “I don’t want to have a struggling job” say “I want to have happy and exciting job”

– Instead of saying “I don’t want to fight with my husband” say “I want to have happy relationship with my husband”

and so on..
Our thoughts are very powerful because Energy is transmitted through our thoughts.

If you think and speak about what you don’t want, you will attract what you don’t want. But if you stop talking and thinking about what you don’t want and change your vocabulary and only think and talk about what you want then you will start attracting what you want, and what you don’t want will gradually vanish from your life. I believe from today you will stop thinking and talking about things that you don’t want. I will suggest you to remove few words from your dictionary like –
Depression/ Hatred/ Failure/ Illness/Disease/ War/ Fights/ Anxiety / Struggle / Debt / Enemies / Terrible/ Accidents
Changing your though patterns will help you channelize your Energy & your Life will Change accordingly. This will then create a Future with Abundance of Happiness, Joy, Peace & Prosperity.