Find yourself.


(I found this small excerpt in my dairy. Dated 01 July 2012)
She wanted to be different than others and wanted to take the path less traveled by. She wanted to be a guiding light for others. She also wanted to write books or BE in a bestseller one day. She wanted to teach Yoga in Bali and the list goes on and on…

She had the moon in her eyes which never wane, it was as bright as the sun. Her heart was filled with dreams. Dreams of love, passion, desire, fame, magic and sin. Sometimes she even played the role of Belle from ‘Beauty and The Beast’, in her dreams!

She wanted to travel the whole world and make her life full of adventure and thrills, meet new people and make new friends. She was an adventure junkie who walked and fell, walked and fell several times and then discovered herself laughing on her scars till her eyes filled with water. Now she loves her scars for it’s a proof that she lived. She didn’t die before her death.’ This thought made her smile.

One day she found that whatever she was looking for was already present in her soul.

She is a free soal; happy and confused, lonely and happy, miserable and rich. But you know what her pains and sorrows made her a poet and a songwriter. An amazing one indeed. Her postcard says, “Accept what life offers to you. Life is beautiful when you turn your trouble into triumphs.”

She is an introvert who writes poems and songs while sitting alone in forts and palaces. Whenever she is short of words she turns to strings and keys as it is the only way to express herself. But, but she is still Unknown. She has big roles to play but she is living in a small town. Her talent barely win any recognition. She cries and cries in her blanket tears hot and cold.

She hears voices. Voices guiding her and sometimes helping her to guide others. She has fountain of ideas and stories inside her and that made her write articles with Krishna’s feather. She writes in her diary every night because she wants to live Forever and was glad to know that she will leave a mark on the planet.

She just wants to Create. Create music, art and magic. She finds ideas when she has baths in hot water in golden lights. Her heart blossoms like red roses and now she smiles everyday. Whenever she smiles she is in wonderland.

Do you know who is she?


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