Why you should forgive? (2mins read)

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant act.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.


All through life people will hurt and betray you. Let the Universe deal with them. To be wounded is trivial, unless you persist on nursing its memory forever. Forgive them not just because they need it, but because you need it.

Inner forgiveness is also vital. I realized that the one person I needed to ask for forgiveness from the most is ‘Myself‘. Every time you recall a weakness, mistake or a flaw within you, tell yourself “It’s OK.” We are all creatures of God collectively on a continuous path of Evolution. Learn to absolve yourself daily so that you no longer perceive those shortcomings. Our thoughts matter, and profoundly impacts the world around us.

Can you envisage a world filled with people willing both to forgive and ready to accept an apology graciously? The largesse of human spirit, humility and love could resolve any problem plaguing the world. Forgiveness would be our generation’s greatest contribution to healing an angry and damaged world.

Every time you forgive others and yourself, the Universe changes! Every time you reach out and heal a heart with love, the Cosmos transforms! Every act of loving kindness, mercy, compassion and service alters the energy of the planet. And in this process of Loving and Forgiving, nothing will ever be the same again.

Love! Do what makes you feel good!

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