Dhyana and Meditation? No it’s not like that!

Dhyana – The seventh limb of yoga.

Awakening your inner self is meditation. Always being in the state of thoughtlessness is, meditation. The Japanese word Zen and Chin describes this state. We refer this state as meditation but the word awareness is more close.

Meditation is a certain quality. It is not a certain act.

The moment we hear the word meditation all kinds of misconceptions pop up in our brain. Firstly the English word meditation doesn’t mean anything in true sense. Just by sitting with our eyes closed is not meditation. You can sit with your eyes closed and can do so many things, can’t you? There are many dimensions to it. You can imagine statue or idol of any deity, can do japa with mala or even tapas. Most often we are asked to close our eyes and worship the Lord but even that is not meditation it is just the act of recalling memories, isn’t it?

Then what is meditation? It means freedom from all the inner acts or thoughts and just observing the reality as it is without any filtration.

Sadhguru says, “The reason why most people who have tried meditation have concluded that it’s very difficult is because they are trying to do it. You cannot do meditation but you can become meditative.”

There are many thoughts, conflicts and battles going on in our mind at the present. The mind is always trapped in the memories of the past and worries about the future creating stinky chaos in the inner world. Even if we don’t desire it keeps on fluctuating. We are making ourselves weaker by constantly entering the zone of imaginary problems and fake illusions. Passively, just observe your thoughts.

Meditation means clearing these unnecessary thoughts and entering into the zone of complete silence and peace. The deeper we enter, no emotions, memories or thoughts can affect our mind in any way. We establish a strong control over it. Constant chattering inside and daydreaming is against meditation.

You can consciously make your mind a miraculous slave. If you understand this simplest trick to be fully aware in the present, you become meditative. You can observe things which others can’t. This isn’t rocket science it’s super easy, don’t you think so? Then why don’t you do it?

Images: Buddha Doodles by Molly
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8 thoughts on “Dhyana and Meditation? No it’s not like that!

  1. A big fan of Sadghuru too! Thanks for this great post! I agree that sitting with your eyes closed is not meditation but I believe that through sitting one can get a sense or catch a glimpse of what meditation might mean. Which could spark an interest to take it up and read more about it and the surrounding limbs. Have a great week further!

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    1. Yes! I’ll edig the blog. It’s for people who are always drowning in the past memories or future worries! After sitting with the eyes closed we should do Pranadharna for maximum benefit but the common audience is not familiar with this word let alone the techniques. So I’m working on new content and post to introduce them with the yogic terms and practices! Thank you so much for replying! Yes and Sadhguru is my role model ❀️ Happy week ahead ❀️😊


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