Why did the Sages keep Hatha Yoga a secret?

Yogam Param Gopyam – Sage Patanjali

“Hatha yoga is the science of using the body to prepare oneself for the ultimate possibility.”

Anything that is sacred is kept a secret! In ancient times, Hatha Yogic techniques were kept secret and we’re never written down or exposed to public view. They were passed on from teacher or a guru to disciple by word of their mouth. In this way there was a clear understanding of their meaning and aim. Through personal experience, realised Yogis and Sages were able to guide sincere aspirants along the correct path, removing any confusion, misunderstanding and excessive intellectual contemplation.

Why is it kept secret? It is like a seed and seed sprout in secrecy. You put the seed under the ground and cover it with mud, then the seed sprouts and becomes a tree.

The ancient science of yoga which is kept secret grows and resonates within you. Any secret that you keep to yourself does not leave you but it takes you deeper to the subconscious layers.

The knowledge is given to another person, a disciple saying, ‘Keep it to yourself, it is yours, let it grow.’

This is the ancient way of doing it. Spiritual journey is considered very sacred, very personal and yet a matter of pride because it is sacred.

I am incapable of being depressed, otherwise I would be depressed looking at the way Hatha Yoga is being practiced around the world and people thinking that is what it is. The practice as you see it – the mechanics of it, is simply of the body. You have to breath life into it, otherwise it will not become alive. This is why traditionally, there has been so much stress on a live Guru – to make it alive. The Yogic system is a suitable manipulation of your system to allow it to rise to a different level. Yoga means that which allows you to attain to your higher nature. Every asana, every mudra, every way of breathing – everything – is focused towards this.

Images : isha.sadhguru. org
Reference : Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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