In India why do we?

It is extremely important that we strengthen this cultural thread because if you destroy this culture, there will be no spiritual process on the planet. – Jaggi Vasudeva

Why do we light a lamp, do namaste, chant Om, do aarati, put tilaks, prostrate before elders, ring the bell? In my coming posts, I’ll be unravelling mysteries about the most ancient, scientific, time tested and still relevant culture and philosophy. Will be giving you a deep and sensitive insights into the India culture and Yogic science using simple words, lucid language and analogies that will appeal to your head and heart. I did my best to give the content a contemporary touch and make it interesting, which it already is! The content will deal with topics ranging from the basis of culture like why do we light the lamp? To fundamentals of scriptures, symbolism of deities, significant of festivals, role of temples, indicators of Dharma, understanding of the caste system and characters of the Mahabharata and will take you indepth of the Yogic science.

Are you ready for it?

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