10 Benefits of Meditation for Youngsters.

Students struggling to keep up with studies and school or college, life can be easier with regular practice (at least once or twice a day) of meditation where you can see improvements in health and well-being and a sharp betterment in their academic performance.

1. Less Fear: Most parents associate the absence of good academic performance of their child with inability or lack of talent. This could not have been far from the truth. What restrains children is the fear of the exact same thing!! They do not want others (least of all their parents) to judge them or brand them. This fear creates a cloud of negativity and hence increases bad performance, which in reality has nothing to do with any form of incapability at all. Meditation can help relax such fears and phobias. Since children are at an impressionable age, if they do not practice meditation, this can associate such negativity into perpetual failure in the long run. This alone should be a very important reason to propagate meditation amidst students.

2. Increasing IQ: Meditation leads to major changes in brain waves enabling creative positive thinking, practical intelligence and IQ. It helps in increased amounts of productivity and brain functions thereby improving the ability to reason and make sound decisions in novel situations.

3. Increased Memory: Many students face issues when they are able to grasp concepts but not being able to retain certain important things for an examination. Meditation helps overcome this issue to a very large extent by improving memory and overall brain functioning. There are numerous easy techniques you can learn to improve your memory!

4. Improved Concentration: With reduced levels of stress and high level of peace of mind, meditation provides calm to anxiety levels and ADHD symptoms that students are most commonly prone to. It helps in better concentration and gives a very positive outlook to tasks at hand resulting in increased brain processing and language-based skills.

5. Better Achievements: Students who practice meditation have seen to be performing a lot better academically than the rest. This is because meditation helps in garnering a lot of control over unproductive thoughts, increases focus and provides an impeccable mental clarity.

6. Improved Self-Confidence: Self-esteem and confidence take a boost with practiced meditation. It ensures a sharper brain and results in harmonious intellectual performance thereby helping students to only constantly improve and get out of their comfort zones when required to present themselves with confidence and developing an enhanced personality.

7. Reduction in Depression and Anxiety:Meditation helps in many phobias and fears. A lot of students who are probably great at being able to perceive academically are still unable to show results due to their anxiety levels during an examination. Also, such anxiety can lead to a poor performance thereby depriving them of their desired results. Such a continuous feat can also lead to a very early depression amongst students. Hence meditation garners a positive outlook and also helps them to not give in to any extreme behavioral pattern like alcoholism or addiction to drugs or even suicidal tendencies etc.

8. Increased Emotional Well-Being: Meditation helps in focusing on the present without letting the fear of the unknown future taking over. It enables emotional well-being amongst students thereby improving their levels of happiness irrespective of having the world to dictate their judgment upon them. It can provide clarity for decision making about their careers by carefully weighing their strengths, weaknesses and other pros and cons.

9. Helps To Persevere: When something as positive as meditation happens at an early stage in your life, one automatically learns to persevere and look at the brighter side of life to move on and achieve his/her goals despite despair. Hard work can also lead to failures sometimes, but not wanting to give up can only be achieved by positive affirmations and perseverance as promoted through active meditation.

10. Improved Sleep: In a sleep-deprived world, meditation can help students to sleep well and in moments of stress, to sleep less yet have the same refreshed attitude to be able to perform longer lengths of mental activities without feeling self-deprecating and exhausted.

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