What a Bird Thought

I lived first in a little house,

And lived there very well ;

The world to me was small and round

And made of pale-blue shell.

I lived next in a little nest,

Nor needed any other ;

I thought the world was made of straw,

And covered by my mother.

One day I fluttered from the nest,

To see what I could find.

I said, “The word is made of leaves;

I have been very blind.”

At last I flew beyond the tree,

And saw the sky so blue;

Now, how the world is really made

I cannot tell – can you?

Transcendence of the Self

What are people, what is body, what are senses, what is the mind, what is nothingness, and what is desirelessness to my stainless state?

What are scriptures, what is self-knowledge, what is satisfaction or a mind without senses, what is the state of desirelessness to me in whom duality has forever disappeared?

What is knowledge, what is ignorance, what is ‘me’, and what is this ‘mine’, what is bondage and what is liberation, what is the appearance of the Self?

What is endeavour, what is liberation from life, what is perfect beatitude by detachment from the body, there is never any distinction amongst any state!

What is the doer, what is the experiencer, what is inactivity or springing up, what is beyond vision, what is reward, I am forever the one without personality!

What is this world, what is the desire for liberation, what is a yogi, what is a wise man, what is bondage, what is liberation, I am non-dual by my very nature!

What is creation, what is destruction, what is to be achieved and what is the tool, what is the achiever, and what is achievement, I am non-dual by my very nature!

What is the prover or proof, what is to be measured and what is the measure, what is something or nothing – I am always pure!

What is distraction, what is concentration, what is stupidity or ignorance, what is delight or sorrow, I am forever actionless.

What is conduct, what is the highest truth, what is joy and what is sorrow, I am forever beyond analysis.

What is maya, what is samsara, what is liking or disliking, what is a living being, what is the Absolute, I am forever stainless.

What is action or inaction, what is liberation and what is bondage, I am forever unchanging, indivisible, complete!

What is teaching, what is scripture, what is student or teacher, what is hard work, I am the formless Shiva.

What is existence or non-existence, what is non-duality or duality, what more is there to say? Nothing else arises from me!