This is why I like rains.


Apart from the sound of the rain drops, everything around me is very silent and calm. It’s evening, 6.55 pm. The sky appears to be faded because of the clouds but it’s sparkling brightly. The view around me is making my heart ponder. Ahhhh. The wandering clouds are trying to go back home. A sudden tinkle flows in my bloodstream and I start breathing. There are huge mystical mountains on a small distance and they are flaunting tiara of starlight. I’m sitting on my study-table, enjoying this view from my window. Everything is less visible because of the fog which is covering up my eyes.

This is the real solitude? If it is then trust me it’s an amazing feeling! But am I alone or lonely now? Are we alone? Ummm, just ask yourself. My dear I’m speaking with you and we are connected!

Now you’ll ask me, how is everything around here. Well, I’m in love. Yes. Love with nature. Hahaha what did you think? Honestly I was very scared when I first came to this place as the atmosphere around is very calm and quite. Initially I was very nervous. Foxes used to howl in the night and it would give me goosebumps all over. But then this place helped me to listen to my inner voice which is getting louder and  louder every moment.

And now when I cross the Arabian Sea, I enter paradise. Yes, you need to cross the sea to reach me. In the womb of nature. Falling in love again and again especially in the rains. There is serene greenery everywhere. Maybe Krishna played here and touched everything with his own hands.


But I guess that you don’t want these bright photos of this place. You want to come here and feel it all by yourself. Experience it! I’ll definitely bring out the the poet or artist within you or a beautiful songwriter, maybe, who knows? I know I know. Just as you see buildings outside your window, I see mountains who are kissing that little piece of ocean. When the rays of the sun fall on the deep blue ocean it turns into pure gold. Sometimes bright white Flamingos settle on it’s brim. They run around splashing the water around and making.

There a big mug of cappuccino besides me and it’s turning cold. So bye for now , see you soon! xoxo


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